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NOTICE: If a man calls you and tells you that you owe a large sum of money to his loan company and that if you do not pay him immediately, that he will come to your home with the FBI and arrest you, and that he can tell you your social security number,age,name,address, your credit card #s, and you have no idea what it is about, then your IDENTY HAS BEEN STOLEN and someone has probably tried to borrow money from a scam web site lender!! You are to gather whatever info you can, the caller's phone #s, and write down any names (probably bogus), list the demands and get a hold of your police or sheriff immediately and file an Identity Theft report. And Get your Social Security number changed immediately and have all of your credit cards voided.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #706500

These 3 phone numbers are being used by Scammers who are threatening people to get money from innocent victims all across the USA.: 805-356-4869 Landline used in Guadalupe and Ventura California, a foreign man using the name " Mark", another 314-925-0732 with a man claiming to be an attorney from St Louis named Scott Miller who threatens his victims and demands large sums of money, and a third man 910-239-7867 calling himself Frank Vincent.If you get calls from any of these men, call your local police crime squad or sheriff immediately.

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We contacted the owner, Archie Richardson in a pretext last month in attempt to gather some intel. We caught this man in so many lies is was actually funny. He claimed he was part of so many organizations and built himself up so much, joke. We have a complete history that we had already done on him for an attorney who is pursuing some legal actions... Keep in touch, he is going down!

WARNING: Do not trust this person! He is posting untrue statements on his fraudulent website. The owner, Archie Richardson has been in trouble with the law and has had civil penalties for his cyber actions. Doing business or associating yourself with this person is highly NOT recommended. If you need further evidence about this individual, please let us know and we WILL provide you will a DETAILED criminal, civil and personal background on him and his family.

115 N Chevy Chase Dr

Glendale, CA 91206

1243 Stanley Ave

Glendale, CA 91206

P. O. Box 10294

Glendale California 91209-3294

Phone: (866) 398-1178

Phone: 818-937-0312

Mobile: (818) 415-1184

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